1. Find the tag on the wrap (this is the middle of the wrap) and place the tag just above your belly button.
  2. Wrap the right-hand side of the wrap behind you and over your left shoulder.
  3. Wrap the left-hand side of the wrap behind you and over your right shoulder.
  4. The back of the wrap should look like an ‘X’, the flatter you wrap the material behind and over your shoulder the comfier it will be.
  5. Once both pieces of material are over your shoulder, tuck them into the material left at the front (I always call this a pouch).
  6. With the remaining material you have pulled through the pouch, cross them over each other creating an ‘X’ at the front of the wrap, and tie them securely around the back.
  7. If you have excess material left over, you can always cross them over at the back and bring them around the front to tie.

Placing the baby in a Baby Wrap

With the ‘X’ that has been crossed over your shoulders, open the left or right side (whichever side you prefer to have your baby) and place your baby into one of the side pockets. Once the baby is in one of the side pockets, you can wrap the other side pocket over the baby, still making sure you are able to see their nose. Once your baby has settled you can then pull the pouch on your stomach over both side pockets allowing your baby to be extra secure and warm.

The key for a baby wrap is to wrap it tight enough so both you and your baby feel secure. Our wraps do not lose elasticity during use. You can be confident to get on with your day-to-day tasks hands-free whilst carrying your relaxed baby – winner!