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About Us

Our wraps are an essential item for your baby bag. Made from 100% cotton, our lightweight wraps can be easily folded away in a pouch taking up a small amount of room.

Our easy-to-use baby wraps are perfect for both Mum and Dad to wear, allowing both parents to create a bond with their baby.

Simply wrap yourself up and securely slot your baby in. The stretchy cotton material enables our slings to adapt to your post-partum body and growing baby, feeling relaxed knowing your baby is secure.

Your baby can be secure in several different positions in our wrap, this allows discreet breastfeeding to take place.

The wraps come with numerous health benefits for your baby including helping reduce colic and reflux, aiding in balance, and promotes neural development. Mums are benefitted as they are hands-free whilst still in close contact with their baby. Being close to your baby will naturally boost breast milk production. All wraps are approved by IHDI as being “hip-healthy” as they provide optimum positional support for your baby meaning there is no pressure on developing hips.

You don’t need to worry about your baby having an accident as all wraps are machine washable and color fade resistant.

Flattering, long-lasting, and efficient.

Experiences so many more benefits and purchase one of our high-quality wraps today.

You are able to carry your new-born baby in a sling wrap as soon as you feel comfortable. I would suggest practicing tying wrap a couple of times before putting the baby in the carrier. Don’t worry about the flexibility of the material the won’t be too much pressure on your baby. We would also recommend getting the baby used to the carrier wrap in small doses, to begin with. Start with 5 minutes and gradually work your way up from there. You will start to be more comfortable and confident in the wrap carrier. As the baby carrier wrap applies a small amount of pressure throughout the wrap, your baby will always feel comfortable and warm. If you need any help tie-ing a baby wrap, see our blog about how to tie a baby wrap here.

When in a sling it is advised that a baby wears some clothing as it could get uncomfortable if its skin-on-skin contact. Depending on the weather we would recommend one layer of “indoor” clothing, and if its cold outside adding a hat or gloves. Always remember to make sure there is no fabric over your babies face as this might make it uncomfortable to breath.

Many parents carry use baby slings for hours at a time, but this could be different for each baby. We would always recommend taking baby steps, starting for small periods of time, and increeasing this over a couple of weeks. The baby when it is wrapped in a baby sling feels as if it’s cuddling its parent, so often they are more than happy to spend hours by your side. In many cases, we’ve seen babies crying when they come out of the sling (This isn’t good either because they could be getting too attached to the baby wrap). If your baby is comfortable and so are you there is no problem keeping your baby in the sling for a longer period of time.