There is no need to take your baby out of your wrap to get him in the correct position to breastfeed successfully.

To fully understand how to do this, please read our blog on “how to use a Baby Wrap” first.

Our wraps are so easily adjusted without the hassle and can provide discreet breastfeeding.

    1. Decide on what breast you would like to feed on, and to make it comfortable for both you and your baby, adjust your baby’s hips on your opposite hip to the breast you are using.
    2. To do this, slightly stretch your front “X” below your stomach and gentled guide your baby’s hips towards the opposite breast you wish to use.
    3. Then, gently shift your baby’s head towards the feeding breast whilst opening the front of your shoulder “X”.
    4. Place your baby’s head inside the shoulder pocket needed and use the “X” to support your baby’s lower head and neck.
    5. Once your baby has latched onto your breast, it is normal for the top ¾ of your baby’s head to peep out the side of the shoulder “X”.